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You can choose posts by a specific criteria and they will be displayed in different color/styling in order to stand out among other posts on all post listing templates. You can highlight posts based on category, tags, number of comments and number of views, or you can pick them manually. You can see an example of a post module with highlighted posts included.

Highlighted posts in layout A

Highlighted posts in layout B

Instagram embed example

Instagram embed example

This is an example of instagram embedding of image and video. Hoodie High Life yr, leggings ethical next level bitters authentic gluten-free Bushwick Marfa trust fund. Slow-carb 8-bit Helvetica artisan ugh meggings...

Verb to be

Сәттілік тілейміз !Тест Verb to beТест сұрақтары тек қана elementary дәрежесінде!1. This ... my friend. ... name’s Richard.Are / hisIs / myIs / hisHis / his2. They ... Lisa and Max. They ... from the USA.Is / isAre /...

Highlighted posts in layout C

Facebook embed example

Drinking vinegar authentic banh mi seitan messenger bag squid. Polaroid swag fixie, letterpress retro Williamsburg quinoa locavore asymmetrical typewriter cray. Tousled meh Schlitz, taxidermy tofu banjo listicle...

Future simple

Future simpleСәттілік!Future simpleТест сұрақтары elementary дәрежесінде!1. It’s cold! … you close the window, please?willwon’tdoare2. I’m tired! … play with you!willdon’tam not going towon’t3. I think the weather … be...


ТестСұрақтардың тек қана бір ғана дұрыс жауабы барPresent perfect continuousТест сұрақтары тек қана Present perfect continuousқа байланысты1. Look at her hands! They are dirty! She … fruits for 2 hours.has been...

Highlighted posts in layout D

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